Module Template

Module Template

1. Module Name

2. Learning Objectives

3. Level of Efforts Required (in-class and out-of-class time required for students)

4. Prerequisite Knowledge Required (completion optional)

5. Relationships with Other Modules (flow between modules)

6. 5S Characteristics of the Module

7. Introductory Remedial Instruction (completion optional; intended to address the prerequisite knowledge/skills required)

8. Resources (all the resources in the 'Body of Knowledge' section)

9. Body of Knowledge (Theory + Practice): Topics might be skipped or studied in different orders
  Topic 1
  Topic 2 ...
  Topic 3 ...
10. Concept Maps (created by students)

11. Exercises / Learning Activities

12. Evaluation of Learning Outcomes

13. Glossary

14. Useful Links